5 Edible Plants that you can Add to your Garden

//5 Edible Plants that you can Add to your Garden

5 Edible Plants that you can Add to your Garden

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The majority of us have imagined plants only to use for medicinal purposes or animal fodder. But what if we tell you that now these plants can be eaten by you also. Yes, humans can also feed on the green plants now. There are innumerable green plants that you can find around you which can be added by us to our daily cooking recipes. Many of you must be wondering which plants to grow in your garden so that you can also take advantage of these green babies. We would inform you that from veggies, herbs, to spices; everything can now be grown by you and your dear ones at home.

By growing these babies in your garden, you are certainly adding a healthy element to your life. Now you can go ahead and have a look at the plants that can be added to your garden to enhance the level of your green area. Also, we would tell you that now you can order indoor plants online for your beloved who stays away from you. Let them also enjoy the gift that nature has for them.

Citronella also known as Lemongrass has become very popular these days. From TV advertisements to serials, you will find these for sure when people make tea. Lemongrass is a very famous ingredient that has been used by us to add lemonish tangy flavor to the tea. No one can understand this better than tea lovers. It is also an important ingredient of Thai food. Lemongrass is very much known for its medicinal values also. From enhanced antioxidant properties to relieving pain; it can be used for everything.

In every Indian household, you will hear a green leafy vegetable named Paalak. Parents often tell their children to eat spinach a.k.a Paalak as it is a good source of Iron. This amazing vegetable got its origin from Persia. It has been considered to be very healthy by almost every Indian mommy. You can now actually grow these green leafy veggies in your garden. They will benefit you a lot as you will get the fresh nutrients right from your backyard.

Many chefs and bakers use rosemary to garnish their food, as it emits a very pleasant fragrance which can certainly make you feel amazing. This fragrant green herb is a culinary item which for years has been a part of our kitchens. Now you can, fortunately, grow them at home with the help of some care and maintenance. All you need to do is look for quality rosemary and order plants online. These online services will help you get them at your doorstep.

From dark yellow, greenish, to red, you get them in every color. Lettuce is not just a green vegetable that can be only cooked; rather you can also serve it raw in a salad. It has been used by professionals to make veg wraps, sandwiches, and soups. Many of you will not be able to differentiate between cabbage and lettuce. Luckily, now you can add these to your gardens. They are found in different varieties about which you can study online and then look forward to buying it.

Curry Leaves
Every south Indian dish has curry leaves in it. One cannot imagine a south Indian cuisine without it. They add a particular essence to the food which makes food appear fresh and sizzling. From chutneys, curries, to rice, they can be added to everything. If you have any of your South Indian friends staying away from home, then you can certainly buy plants online and delight them with it. They will surely give you a tight hug for this one.

After having a look at this list, we hope that now you know why green plants are important for all of us. They do not just enhance our houses with beautiful aesthetics, but can also make it possible for all of us to get the best nutrition. Now you can immediately send plants online to the people that you care about. It is very important that in these pandemic times, we should take proper care of our health with such natural items.

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